Nate is a Product Manager, passionate about creating innovative interactive entertainment experiences.  

Currently, Nate is leading product development and design at Megastar, Usher's mobile talent competition.  As a Product Manager at IMVU, Eric Ries's original Lean Startup, Nate led a global developer program to bring avatar based interactive experiences to its 150MM users.  Nate was also the Product Manager for IMVU's mobile teams, overseeing the must successful product launch of the companies history.  As the producer for a special IMVU skunkworks project, Nate worked with Whale Rock Industries on the massivley successful Kim Kardashian Kimoji app.  

Before IMVU, Nate was the Producer for HachiBashi a team in Osaka, Japan prototyping interactive experiences for the Osaka Castle.  Previously, he was the Lead Designer for Bravura, a project developing  TuneTrain, an iPad application to help and encourage kids and adults to both explore and write music. TuneTrain has been praised by USA Today as "brilliantly mak[ing] composing music easy," while "cleverly surround[ing] each melody with accompaniment that makes even the simplest melody sound rich and varied."  

Nate has also traveled to 80 countries and all 7 continents, originally coming from a diverse background in tourism, music performance, and arts administration, which you can read more about here.  Also a freelance composer and sound design contractor, Nate created the push notification sound in the Google Search iOS application.   

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